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    I am well and truely fucked at the moment. Reading this forum is probably the best thing i have done recently and its very possible that it has kept me alive. My problem is this: I read the post of some people and they are heartbreaking and i see myself in what they descibe. I want to give advice and reasurance that everything will one day be ok, dont harm yourself or kill youself . The sun will come out again for you. But I know that I am giving advice i am unable to follow myself, and that for me things will never get better unless i die. I feel like a liar and a hypocrite.
  2. Terry

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    We all get times like that.
    Trying to be positive when you are in a completely negative frame of mind is really hard, so don't beat yourself up or feel hypocritical; we do what we can when we can and no one can ask more.
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    That's nice that you take the time to think of others, even when you're down, but be sure to care about yourself too.
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    Words of wisdom.
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    Sometimes it's easier to try and help others than to take that same advice and apply it to your own life. Just know we're here to support you too... there are people who care about you, and it's okay to lean on us when you need to.