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Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by on my own, Oct 25, 2007.

  1. on my own

    on my own Well-Known Member

    if there's one thing that makes my blood boil it's those and people who are trying to save their image and therefore lie. tell me, if two people remember the exact same thing how can you still deny it? you're fucking stupid and I hope to god you're reading this. maybe open your fucking eyes for a change.

    and who are you to judge who I am and what I stand for anyway? who were you to tell others that I didn't deserve a hug? and who are you to deny it all now? you're just trying to save your fucking skin. I would have appreciated it so much more if you had admitted and said you still stand for it, shown some character and honesty. maybe added you were wrong saying it, if you really think so... but hell, you just denied it while two knew for sure it had been said.

    to me you're worthless. how can anybody count on you? how can anybody trust you? you don't even say what you mean. what you say are empty words, empty promises and hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't care at all.

    and swearing doesn't always say something about the person except that they are really really really mad at you. that's it really. they actually want to hit you in the face but instead they are swearing. live with that.

    who are you?

  2. Rose24

    Rose24 Chat & Forum Buddy

    I bet she was having a tough day. :smile:

    Question everything that happens and everything that you believe and you might just begin to understand why things happend the way that they did and whay she acted the way that she did and even why you acted this way or why you got so upset.

    The world is not black and white and there are resons to most things if you look deep enough.

    This post is going to seem so obscure to anyone else who reads it, but i'm hoping that you'll understand, or at least laugh. :wink:


    take care

  3. savetoniqht

    savetoniqht Well-Known Member

    :sad: :sad: I don't really know what's going on, but I hate hypocrites too. :dry: I don't want to seem like I'm taking sides or something in case it's someone on here, since I don't really know what happened, but I really hope things work out. PM me anytime. :hug: :hug: