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hypocritical- I'm sorry

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I just want to apologize to everyone. I sit here on this site reading these posts and trying to be positive in answering their posts. Even in the chat rooms for the most part I try to give everyone the positive answer, to make their situation seem better. I am such a hypocrit, I sit here and all I want to do and plan on doing is killing myself. I personally can't take it anymore, I only need to finish a few things and then I may go. I have no right to try and give people so called "hope", when I have none myself. I am no longer going to answers posts.(at this time anyway) It's not fair to anyone out there to hear me tell them things are going to get better when, for me, I 100% don't believe that. (For myself anyway) Again, I am so sorry to answer posts, I just didn't want to be the one to tell people, hey it is never going to get better. I do want everyone to take care, and try to find good. I've tried, there just isn't any for me. kmj221 :booboo::sorry:


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i want to tell you 1 thing, and that thing is that i care about you, do not aplogize and you arenot a hypocrit, you are here for the same reason as everyone else, to help! sometimes we need to help ourselves aswell. it is not wrong to be selfish.

life is precious and shouldnt be wasted,

"I have no right to try and give people so called "hope", when I have none myself"

you are wrong, you are HOPE, by sharing you help people and give them courage and shows them that you care, you ,me and everyone in this world CARE, its in our nature, thats why you do this. for many times youve been there to help people now its our time to help you, i hope you reconsider what your thinking of doing, because the world needs more people like you, the oens that care and are willing to do anything to make it better.

"its only after we've lost everything that we can be allowed to do anything"

have a think about that quote for a minute
It is far easier to give advice than to take it, if you're a hypocrite, then 99.9% of people here, myself included, are hypocrites to some degree. It doesn't make you a bad person - in fact it makes you a better one for holding out for someone when you're in such personal pain....

Feel free to PM me,
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