hypoglycemia and dehydration

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by plates, Jul 24, 2008.

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  1. plates

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    at the moment my ED is okay. i still have an eating disorder but i'm maintaining it. i don't obsess about food but my meals are like staple- so i just eat staple food, a balanced diet.

    maybe this isn't enough who knows. for example yesterday i ate, cereal+ salad (pasta, beans, cheese +lots of vegetables) then went for around 8 hours without eating, then had 2 plates of spaghetti/soya/kale. i also walked a bit, went to my therapy session in those 8 hours and spent a lot of energy maybe doing other things..

    (maybe this isn't enough food?) what is enough food?

    it seems i can't go long periods without food and feeling so ill. like i can't sleep for 12 hours without getting up and feeling sick like i have done for 3 hours and i'm eating, (i've eaten 3 small meals in 3 hours) i've been eating carbohydrate and i'm feeling tired and have blurred vision. this may also have to do with yesterday when i went out. everytime i go out the next day i feel like an incapacitated invalid and all i did was go out once. and i didn't walk myself to exhaustion either. i just went for a slow walk...

    also i get a tight feeling round my neck when i feel like i dehydrated which scares me it's like a choking feeling. i've been put on blood thinners but forgot my follow up appointment in the vascular surgery and sometimes i don't take the pills for while (i forget) and i feel it comes on..

    maybe this was a bit of a rant than anything else but anyone have a clue what's going on or have had similar experiences? :dry:

    people have said i need to see an endrocrinologist. i'm very sensitive to caffeine too (get stroke symptoms, dehydrate rapidly).
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  2. plates

    plates Well-Known Member

    i think i'll just put an alarm on for me to eat at certain hours.

    i'd be interested if anybody with anorexia/bulimia or whatever have any kind of endocrinological disorder and would like to share anything here.
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