i´m not too new but i never introduce myself

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jane doe

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well, i´m 18 years old, i´m female and i live in Buenos Aires, (argentina)
i used to live with my mother, but after all this time i got tired about her ways to treat me and i move to my father´s house. He has a new family since my parent´s divorce ( 12 years ago)his new wife is a good person and she has two children:a girl that has my age and a boy who´s 16. my father and his wife has a lttle girl who´s 8 years. i have a boyfried who i love with all my soul since 3 and a half years ago.

i´m feeling deppresed since 13 and i started hurting myself at the age of 14.
My parents and relatives doesn´t know that i´m like this. They only see a very happy woman that always has a smile for everyone. They cares so much about me that after all this time they haven´t seen my scars on my left hand and arm. they haven´t seen a croos and a star on my skin!!can you believe that?
for other side my boyfriend knows about it, and at the beggining i always felt conforted by him, bacause we used to talk about it , but now he sees my scars with scorn, and i must hide my scars from him too.
well this is myself i´ll always have a ear to hear you. so if you need to talk pm me. i´m almost everynight since 23.00 . For all of you...take care:wink:
Jane Doe, I am sorry you a struggling...but we all are here, but we can get past this...I hope you stick around, because there are some very wonderful people here who know what true friendship means. I have met some fantastic people and friends here. I love this place, it's my home. I hope to see you around and get to know you. Try and take care of yourself and hang in there. If you would ever like to talk or chat, just message me on MSN or Yahoo or even a PM, I'd love to talk to you and get to know you... and a late welcome... :welcome: to SF!!!!! :hug: :hiya:



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Welcome to the forum Jane Doe, I hope you can find the support you need, I 'm sure you will - I most certainly did. We are here to listen to you and support you. It sounds like you're going thru some bad times, feel free to post your thoughts and feelings here to get support, friendship, and love.




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:welcome: to SF jane doe. It is nice to know a little more about you, even if you are not too new. I am glad you are with us. :hug:


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welcome... and u did a very good job explaining yourself... thank you for the introduction .. it is great to hear from you.. hope i too get a chance to speak woit you... hugs and hopes ...
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