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i´m sorry

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jane doe

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hi, i wanted to apologize because i wasn´t here these days. becasue i started working in a night shift since a couple of days and i won´t be here at nights.
i feel terrible about my new job, because is the best job i can have (at leat for now) ist´s a really great opportunity and my parents are making my life just impossible, because i work on weekends too and my day off is on tursday. they show me every second how much they hate that job and i feel so sad because i just want to make them proud of me and i feel i dissapoint them every second of my life. well i´m sorry for all of this, i promess i´ll be here whenever i can...promess:)
jane, it is okay if you can't be here as often. We understand that there are other things that occupy our time. We are glad to have whatever time you feel you can share with us. I hope you begin to like your job better. I am sure you will do a wonderful job at it. Take care hun. :hug:


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Jane, I am glad to see you as often as you can be here!!:smile: Don't worry yourself - just take care of yourself, of your needs, and get here whenever you can!

love and hugs,

least xoxoxox

jane doe

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well i started working on friday night (since 22.00 to 04.00 of saturday) i´m a telemarketer or that´s the way it´s called here, i recieve calls from people who has troubles with their cellphone services. i always arrive home about 5 at the morning, and i think i´ll be here around that time for those who can´t sleep, and i´ll try to be here before going to work too. My father is extremly upset about the job, and i argue with him since friday about 6 or 7 times a day because of it. but WTH i´m happy with my new job and i´ll fight to keep it against everyone. thank you people, i´ll be here as much as i can because you really help me, and i want to help you the same way;) take care..
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