I’ll Wait For Him

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  1. Julia-C

    Julia-C Well-Known Member

    A kiss so softy reaches my lips,
    Arms of might reach to me.
    Hands of kindness brush my hips,
    Visions of joy and glee.

    Feeling his skin our endorphins rush,
    Hands so strong, my body trembles.
    Flying high on eternal trust,
    Moving bodies in stable gimbals.

    With breath divine, eyes closing ,
    Climactic begins a first.
    Breathing hard, souls loudly singing,
    Now in the deep of oceans surf.

    With vivid flash of thunders grace,
    A moment of unity complete.
    Tears of passion drop to his face,
    And loneliness, we’ll defeat.

    And I’ll wait for him.

    This is a rough draft, it needs a lot of work.
  2. may71

    may71 Well-Known Member

    I like this. well done

  3. NoMoneyToPlease

    NoMoneyToPlease Banned Member

    Very accomplished.
  4. Julia-C

    Julia-C Well-Known Member

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    I think this is one of my worst written poems. I was 3 times the legal limit when I wrote this. .25 B.A.L.
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