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I’m sick of hating myself.


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I’m just so tired of it. I’ve hated myself for as long as I can remember. Recently I feel like I can’t even go a single day without being jealous of someone, wanting something they have, hating myself or what I do, not being good enough for anything...no matter how many people tell me nice things about me, I’ll never believe it. I’m sick of ruining other people’s happiness because every time they’re happy I get sad.

I’m just tired.


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I feel you. Habitual negative self-talk tends to cement these thoughts and feelings because our brains are so used to just going to that place.

I've been looking into the concept of neuroplasticity, and even listening to subliminals and affirmations. Maybe if you can't intentionally think positive things about yourself, you can listen to someone else do it, and feed it into your mind.


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I'm sorry you are feeling like this @Soda-Voxel. Some of what you wrote is relatable to me. It sounds like maybe you are going through a spout of depression. Have you ever sought treatment for depression? There are plenty of options from therapy to medication. Stay safe. Sending hugs *brohug.
Yes, I have very severe depression. I'm on a new medicine right now, hoping it gives me a small boost. Thank you.


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I also feel the same way. Sometimes people bully me into looking worst than I am, even though I already hate myself. I'm also sick of always hating myself so much.

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