I’m very confused and would like some advice


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so a yesterday me and some friends got shitfaced drunk. like very, very drunk. i didn’t throw up and it’s a miracle, but i still don’t remember some things. one thing i DO remember is that i made out with my bestfriend. she wanted to teach me and i wanted to know how you make out, and yeah, that happend. it’s not awkward now or anything, she has done this with many girls before and this isn’t anything new for her. but for me, this was. see, for a long time now i have questioned my sexuality, asking myself if i really am straight or not. if not, i strongly think that i might be bisexual. the biggest problem is that im so so so scared of that thought. i don’t want to be bi. i want a family, a boyfriend, a husband and children! but i still kind of.. feel attracted to some girls at some times. so please, help me! i am scared to DEATH of being bi or lesbian, i dont want to NOT because there is something wrong with it, but just the fact that my stupid parents are really, really against it. im so scared, i dont want this. i really want to be straight.



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You could be bi but only date men if that's what you want. Or maybe you would start a family with a woman. Try not to get too ahead of yourself. Just explore what you like and want right now.


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it is scary at first... especially if you know your family will condemn you and it's okay to be scared. as for the type of family you imagine i think you'll find that our wants change as we grow and discover ourselves. and usually life doesn't work out the way we first imagine.

you could only date men.... but you don't really need to date anyone. you can just experiment and see where it takes you. yes, this would be brave, this could lead to pain, but in my experience, hiding who you are or not acting on feelings... leads to such irreparable damage.

i'm just saying you're confused. that's okay. it's okay to allow you time to figure it out. and you don't owe anyone any explanation about your desires and you certainly don't need to label yourself. that's private. i think it would be good to figure out how you feel first. it could just be a phase. it could not. you do not need to come out as anything, especially while you discover yourself.

maybe you should talk with your bestfriend about your feelings. i think you know that she at least won't judge and will understand.

If you don't want to, that's understandable. i think everyone tends to experience their sexuality differently and discover it in different ways, but i'm bi and well, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out in my inbox.
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