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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by 1crazysunshine, Dec 22, 2011.

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  1. Idk why but I've been obsessed with suicide lately again. I reeeeeaaaly want to give it another try and have started thinking about how I would. The only reason I haven't yet is because Itd be the biggest asshole move I could pull on my brothers. They fought so hard to get me better and even wrote me a card saying how they all want me to live and why. I feel so bad wanting to die again on them. :/ idk what to do how can things be going so well for me now and still wanna die? It don't make no sense.
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    Sometimes things are going well from one point of view, but on another side, you're not getting or feeling what you need to make everything work properly. Idk.. what sort of things are bothering you?
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    Dear crazysunshine,

    If it helps you, please continue to tell us more about what's going on and let it all out. Maybe talking to us more in detail can be some sort of a release for you here.. Also, I notice that you have been admitted to a hospital before and regret leaving there too early.. and you also mentioned that some parts of the experience were positive. What I'm thinking is this: maybe you can go back there if need be.. so that you can look after you and stay safe.. Let me know what you think about that matter, and I am sorry you are barely getting by with these suicidal thoughts. ((Hugs))

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    Oh I'm the same way
  5. I can't go back to the hospital. I don't think it's bad enough and I think it would do more harm than help this time. My therapist said there's like nothing she can do for me. . . She said this was as good as I'm gonna get unless I maybe take meds. But my mom doesn't think I'm bad enough to take meds. Idk what to do, is this really as good as life gets?
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    You need to sit your mom down and have a serious conversation..Tell her how close you are to commiting..And that you desperately need help...If that doesn't work then go to the ER yourself.. Tell them you are suicidal..
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