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I aaammmm donee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ttthheee daanamage is dnooow donne
gggooongg to sssllleeep sooooonnn

fuicckk iit alllllll ti haaad itttttt



listen to that small part of you that doesn't want to go. it may be only 1 percent but it matters. you matter. i know you want the pain to end, who wouldn't but this isn't the answer. make that call.

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If you are able to type here you can pick up phone and dial for help call operator even who will call ambulance for you call crisis line the hospital and go get your stomach pumped get help now before the damage is done.
I keep telling myself that if i keep going then someday i have the chance to feel differently. if i give up that chance is gone and i will never know what it feels like. i wanna feel happiness and i know if i give up i never will. call 911. keep trying if just for that chance.
Good to hear!!

Why was she typing liiiikkkkeeee thiiiiiss??? Is that a side effect of a med? I've never seen it before!
The sleeping pills were benzodiazepines.

And as for the typing errors - drugs can easily make someone press for too long a key - if you press a key for 1 second, you might get 10 letters, depending on the sensitivity of the keyboards.

Try it ................

If you see someone typing in this manner, it can be a sign of taking too many meds or too much booze - or even a stroke of sorts.

Hope that hopeless13 is OK.

I really do.
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