i absolutely HATE his parents.

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    ok, so i'm sooooo over this.

    i've been going out with josh for almost 15 months. ever since about... august last year, when his parents found out we were having sex, they've never let him sleep over or me sleep there again.
    however thats not the main issue any more.
    josh has severe, severe depression. since around august he has let it out to me. and only me. as the months went by his depression got steadily worse, and the whole time it's only been me helping him, supporting him, no one else.
    and i'm only fifteen.
    i've told his parents numerous times, messaged his mum, when he's really suicidal. even my parents have gone and spoken to his about him, told them to get real (not in those words of course) but they dont take any notice and keep on living in their fantasy world where everything is all good. i've saved him several times from running the blade across his wrist, been up till all hours crying and sick with worry, AND I DONT WANT TO F*CKING DO IT ANYMORE.
    on top of that, i've had depression since i was thirteen, and i've had two suicide attempts. sometimes i still feel like doing it, but i'm seeing a fantastic family therapist whose helped me and my parents so much. so dealing with joshs issues is like dealing with double depression.
    i'm so tired and stressed and i dont know what to do. i'm so angry at his stupid parents, i just hate them more than anyone or anything in the world. do you know what they think of me, for reasons i have no idea? they hate me and they think i'm ruining his life, god knows why. i'm the one helping him all the time, giving him positive words. WHAT THE HELL!!!
    i forgot to mention that his dad is the hardest person i know. he verbally abuses josh all the time, calls him weak, pathetic, an asshole amongst millions of other things. sometimes he hits him.
    josh IS seeing a therapist, but clearly thats not doing much. i believe he should go with his parents but his parents always make up excuses as to why they cant make it.
    this weekend he's had his phone taken again, i have no idea why. i sent his mum a long message telling her what i thought of this whole scenario. she didnt reply, just like she didnt reply when i asked her several times why josh wasnt answering his phone.

    i can understand if no one will reply to this, its a very long story.
    but i really need advice as to what to do.
    josh is extremely suicidal, and i know he's serious this time.
    please, please help me.
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    I am sorry you have so much to deal with at such a young age. All i can say to you is that you can only do so much for josh. You can be there for him as much as possible, but you cannot let it affect your health. I know that is easier said than done, however, sometimes it is all you can do. You need to let Josh know that you are here for him to talk to and that you care about him. I hope things turn out ok hun, keep us updated, and feel free to PM me if you need to talk *huggles*

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    I can definitely relate to your story, except on the flipside (from your BF's perspective). In high school I honestly would have tried to kill myself every other week if it weren't for my boyfriend spending long nights on MSN messenger with me. He also suffered from depression and tho it was fewer and farther between, I stayed up some long nights with him as well. His parents also thought I was evil (they thought I corrupted his son, well, gee - he was pretty well rid of his innocence long before I met him) and overall, his parents just hated me. I think his mom thought I was taking her little boy away...

    Please just know that you are managing extremely well so far - that you make a difference in your boyfriend's life, and that your parents should be so proud of you for sticking up for your boyfriend with his parents and trying to get him help. I wish you all the best of luck. Don't give up - but also know you are not responsible for him. Don't let anyone make you feel that way.