I act like a 2 year old, sometimes.

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    Well, when I freak out it gets embarrassing.

    I emulate throwing a tantrum, and I mean, in seventh grade it was much worse. And come to think of it, I guess it was a viable excuse since I was still in middle school at the time. I would punch walls, scream, kick at things, knock over shit, and throw things around. I was careful to do things like rip scrap pieces of paper or not seriously punch a hole in the wall...at the same time, it was pathetic behavior

    Now, I am a junior in high school. I have been to therapy and even seen a psychiatrist (though it was short-lived), and I still do this. It's less frequent. By the time I was in high school, my freaking out was less often. And (slowly but surely) became less destructive.

    But, as a perfect example, it occurred last night. It still happens. I hate it. I feel fucking stupid.

    It happens when I am overwrought with anxiety and I don't know how else to react. I only to do it my mother, of course, because she is the only one I ever feel like I can be open with about my consuming anxiety and my anger. Mostly, it's anger and confusion and frustration. I speculate it could be depression, because often I really fail at feeling happy. But more so, it may be that I worry about everything. I am so concerned with grades, with how I appear, with making more friends, etc.

    And it's all feeling worse, because we moved this year. When I moved in seventh grade, that's when these "tantrums" started. And I honestly don't know how to change my behavior. Or feel anything less than pathetic about it. I don't know. All of this is hard.
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    sometimes the other side of depression is anger hun I do hope you can talk to a councellor at your school about your anxiety your built up sadness inside Sometimes just having a constant person at school who will listen to you it will help hun. See if there is such a person at your school okay and they also can teach you ways of controlling the outburst so they do not come out like a volcano erupting hugs
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    You shouldn't feel ashamed about this...it's just how you handle anger and stress. It can get better though...there are more productive ways to handle it. I do things like this sometimes, but I know I need to change my behavior. There's always a way to handle a situation differently, and eventually things will get easier.
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    Sending hugs and kind thoughts your way.....sorry you were in such a difficult position last night. :hug: