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  1. Now back when I was thirteen I had cut myself for the first time. I thought NOTHING of it at the time. I had a blow-gun dart for some reason and I etched "Haley <3's S.O.S." into my arm. It didn't bother me at all, but I didn't understand why everyone was making such a big fuss about it. Here I am, years later, and a full-fledged self-harmer.

    Tell me, is this considered self harm?:

    Yesterday my boyfriend and I were walking through the mall. Well, he said something and I always pretend to be mad when he jokes around, and he does too. Well, I started to walk off "angrily" and he grabbed my arm and I kept pulling (A/N: We were strictly just fooling around. My boyfriend does not intentionally harm me in any way). He said he bet he knew a way to make me stop. I told him to try and while I was walking he twisted my arm behind my back. He kept twisting and I kept walking and pulling until he let go. He thought it didn't hurt me so he had let go. Truth be told, it hurt like Hell. My arm still hurts like crazy. But even though it hurt me, I still did it.

    Self Harm?
  2. Well, it isn't SELF harm, but it is harm sort of intentional since you knew it was hurting and wanted it to carry on... I'm not sure.
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    Or just you being stubborn? :unsure:

    It depends on why you did it.

  4. aww crud my bf found this post
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