I am a Misanthrope! I found a name for it!

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    Yay! There's not really any place to put stuff like this in, so I just threw it in this forum.


    I believe that the only way you can be a good person is to be a Misanthrope.

    Otherwise you're "one of them" :pokeball:

    If you like this world, like people, like life, and assume good things about strangers, it probably means you've done something horrific and are a bad person.
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    I have a general disliking of people.
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    How illogical.
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    Not true.

    If you like this world, and people, you simply have a more positive outlook, or perhaps haven't had the experiences in life which cause misanthropy.

    People who are horrific and bad people generally dislike people, and especially themselves, and take it out on others in varying ways (from misogyny, to narcissistic sociopathy, to rape, torture and murder).

    I would give much to not be a misanthrope, it's not something good. Its pretty sad. It means you've been that hurt that you have no more faith. After all, you're human yourself.