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I am afraid my brain isn't enough to help me become a productive human.

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What did you study at university and what skills did you gain doing that? What skills do you think you need in order to get a job? What types of jobs are you applying for?

Sorry for all the questions. I'm just curious to know where you are currently at and what your expectations are.
Actually, it wasn't easy for me to finish my degree and finally graduate. I am even not good in any specific skill after graduating. I have bad memory problem. I still need to relearn a lot before doing any test related to my degree's program, I'm... actually a slow learner and having trouble to be and stay focus. Actually, maybe I should not let my parent wasted her money to educate me in university. Now, it's just useless. I am not better then when I was. It hurts me so much to realize that, too many regrets. Too stupid, too hard to fight.
Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you:

When I got out of college it was difficult to find a job as well, I ended up working at a pizzaria for a while before finding anything in my field.

There are some free job hunting sites that may help you:


It may also help to find some videos on YouTube about good interview practices.

I completely understand how it gets you down but even these small steps can lead to a drastic change.

We are all here to help.
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