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I am alone.


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Bear with it, this is related to Covid.

Back at university, I had many MANY friends, I went climbing, i had an active life, when I was forced to leave after I graduated (i couldn't get a job in the city i studied in) I lost a lot of that, but I still have SOME friends, and when i did eventually find work I found social groups and activities, much less than I had, but I rebuilt. I ended up moving into a flat with my sister and brother in law (none of us could afford a place alone) and my lack of social was made up for by having housemates I liked, then everything changed again.

It was decided that my sister's entire office was moving 100 miles away and if she wanted to keep her job, she was going with it, and then Covid 19 descended. All my social stopped, I stopped going to church, the only thing I had left was work and my housemates (sister and brother in law), then work changed, to protect against Covid (we didnt shut down) the company was segregated so if one group got sick the rest could keep working, and my group consists of 3 people, one of which is my boss, so its all work no social, so all I had left was my housemates.

They just moved out this morning.

Because they left I now have to move again, but because of Covid I was unable to look for a replacement home, so I am moving into my dad's house, he is self-isolating with his girlfriend until it all blows over so his house is empty so I have to move in a couple weeks, but thats not the point, the point is that my housemates were my last connection to anyone after Covid took everything else away, and now I am in an empty flat (most of the contents are gone with them), about to move for the 8th time in 12 years, something I HATE doing, and I am all alone, no friends, no church, no coworkers at work, no housemates, just me. I have never felt this isolated in my entire life.


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this pandemic won't last forever. try to hold on and at least stay in contact with your friends, co workers and church members online or by phone. this will help you get by until things return to normal...mike...*hug*shake

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