i am always unhappy in love

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by kim 13, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. kim 13

    kim 13 Member

    i can't do this anymore!every boy that i loved just use me for sex and when i said to them that i wanna a relationship they said to me that they just wanna fuck me!and it was always the same!i think can't love anybody because i can't trust people anymore!life's too hard for me!
  2. Isa

    Isa Well-Known Member

    But you do love.

    You *feel*

    You wanted a relationship.

    Its him thats faulty, not you. You picked the wrong guy, we all do it, some of us do it ALOT, but it doesnt mean we are unable to love. We just like to see the best in people.

    Get rid of this loser and find peace honey, and someone good for you will come along.
  3. kim 13

    kim 13 Member

    but it wasn't just one guy!all guys that i loved just wanted use me and haven't think ybout my feelings and it was always so fucking painful when i try not to love them and i cut my arms and it felt so good sometimes and i just ask myself:why do i live?nobody cares for me and i'm just an anonymous for everybody that i meet!it's fucking hard for me to go on and to forget every guy who used me!
  4. andyc68

    andyc68 Guest

    it seems like you are stuck in a cycle hun, boys will see lust first, love later.
    break the cycle and see who stays around to get to know you first, love is out there for you, just wait and it will come.
    take care hun
  5. Blackness

    Blackness Guest

    using you for sex is disgusting and I hope you knocked them back....!
    The bottom line is...dont put out. If a guy really liked you he could go without the sex...
  6. $MyName

    $MyName Well-Known Member

    Indeed, anyone who is worth it would be fine with waiting for sex until you're into your relationship and happy with how it is.

    Don't give up looking and trying though, it'll be out there somewhere waiting for you :)
  7. jryan3434

    jryan3434 Active Member

    Don't have sex with a guy the first time he buys you dinner. Guys that want real relationships will respect a girl who respects herself enough to wait. If you have sex with a guy from the very beginning, he will be less likely to trust you because he will see you as a whore. This is pretty simple advice that was once common knowledge, but you hear it less and less these days.

    Try actual dating, not just hooking up and fucking. Most guys, who are not themselves angry and bitter, see girls as falling into two categories. Good time girls for booty calls, and good character girls for relationships. They generally divide girls into these categories based on how easy it is to get in their pants. If a guy wants to form a long term relationship, rather than just get an ego stroke by making another slut moan a few times, then he will appreciate getting to know you before sex to determine if you have compatible values and beliefs, and a chance at a long term future.

    Once you have sex with someone, feelings will inevitably develop whether they are right for you or not. Get to know someone first, not just in terms of whether or not your personalities click, but whether or not your values and beliefs do as well. Frankly talk about what you believe in, and what you value in another person. If you spend a long enough period of time doing this and feel that you are compatible in character and values, then go ahead and become physical. You will know from the beginning that you have more in common than wanting to get off, and even if it doesn't work out it will be far more likely to a positive experience overall. Don't allow yourself to fall in love until you know that you are with someone worthy of loving.
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