I am desperately unhappy and see one option

I have a problem that I feel that the only option is to kill myself to get away from. My wife and daughter had an argument about nothing really and now wife wants nothing to do with our only daughter. Daughter needs help sometimes to cope. I am terrified that we won’t be together at christmas. Wife is not an easy person to talk to and is volatile due to stress. The problem really is about stress I had to work away and she had too much to cope with. It is on my mind all the time and I just don’t know what to do


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Welcome @Marcusf. Don't do anything, certainly don't kill yourself. Give it time because things could calm down between your wife and daughter. It's hard to be in the middle because you care about them both, but I think you're right when you say the argument was caused by a build up of stress that just exploded. If the suicidal thoughts continue or get worse, please tell your doctor because there are meds which can help you cope until things get better.
Time isn’t an option. My wife doesn’t accept she suffers from stress possibly bipolar. She and my daughter are bothe very volatile characters. Daughter does recognise stress and anxiety but she feels her mother has insulted her which I understand as that is the way she reacts. Neither of them can keep control of their temper. This seems to happen at the same time each year to a degree. One year my wife just locked herself in a room over Christmas blaming everybody for it but never looking to her own issues. This is the first year our daugher won’t be living st home but was coming home for Christmas and now god knows what will happen. I just cannot see why my wife can’t just send a text saying she loves her it could be resolved so easily if they talked. This though is something this year I cannot handle. It is pointless seeing a doctor as that won’t solve the problem. I wake up crying I can’t sleep. It is killing me.


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I'm sorry things are so overwhelming and overpowering right now, but although meds won't fix the problem between your wife and daughter, they will certainly help you to cope until you can figure out the way forward for your family. It could be that your wife and daughter both have treatable disorders and I suggest you describe how they act to your doctor and try to persuade them to get professional help if your doctor advises it.
My daughter recognises she suffers from stress and anxiety and can normally cope although has had medication but never took it. My wife knows she doesn’t handle stress well but refuses to admit she can get help she thinks I am insulting her when I suggest it. I have everything I ever wanted in one way and they mean nothing. I have to go to work today somehow I am trying to get our daughter to pop round I know it will be difficult but once they can speak it will start to move on. I lost my Father this year had a health scare and this. Why can’t they see what it is doing to me


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Why can’t they see what it is doing to me
Like you said, it's the stress. They are too overpowered by their own emotions to give attention to yours. Also sounds like you're the one who always tries to fix things so that's what they expect of you. You do sound very burned out though so I think it's time to think of getting outside help

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