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    On February the tenth, this year, in the Pacific Time Zone, I am going to cease being an active member of this Internet forum permanently. I deem it meaningless to continue to access this Internet forum. I am also going to destroy all my relationships on this Internet forum. I do not want to become friends with anyone who is a member of this forum, and I am becoming extremely annoyed by my "friends" on this forum. Perhaps, I was never meant to have friends in the first place.

    I am at the point of my life, when I am beginning to lose affection for every human being for whom I care. I do not understand the members of this forum, and why many of them are insulting and being abusive toward other members; I cannot tolerate that anymore. I would be in a more prosperous situation being alone, and not having any friends, because friends have caused me to possess stress, frustration, and confusion. I feel like an outcast and a reject on this forum, and my "friends" are not exactly making me feel better.

    This forum is not supportive anymore, and I have lost interest in it. I miss the golden age of this forum, but since things have changed, I am going to start something new with my life, and endeavor to improve it. I have disappointed my friends contemptibly, and many of them have decided to live their lives without my being in it. I am starting to despise a word and words synonymous with the word, and every time I apply it, read it, contemplate it or hear someone say it, it makes me want to disgorge.

    The word is: friend -- (almost vomits by using the word). I am going to stop postponing my goals, and just do them. Please, take care of yourselves, and one another, and hopefully, this forum will become better in the near future, even though, I will not have awareness of it because I am not accessing this forum anymore on that previously mentioned date. Everyone who has ever been my friend on this forum have disappointed me, and I know that I have disappointed all my friends on here as well.

    I can better my life without any of you in it, and all of you can better your lives without my being in it. I like this adage: with friends like those who are members of this forum, who needs enemies. That pertains to everyone on this forum who has ever been my friend, and it pertains to me as well. In other words, everyone who is or was my friend can argue that the proverb is suitable to me with my friendship to them. I really do not have friends; everyone who I think is my friend is actually my foe. I already know that I am emotionally ruined, but I do not mind, because I accept it.

    Sincerely Yours,

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    You're not alone.

    Personally, I've never expected much from distance (especially internet) relationships of any form. I utilize the internet exclusively for casual, light-hearted and intellectual conversation -- but not for the cultivation of long-term, meaningful social relations. The mainstream and commercialized social networking sites annoy me for the most part, and I've largely avoided these altogether. I usually reserve intimate and personal net conversation for family and colleagues with whom I'm already comfortable with on an offline basis. I continue to appreciate the net for its convenience, versatility, and fair amount of anonymity within chosen contexts of communication.

    One benefit of my approach is that I'm not disappointed as much when people decide to move on and our social connections end -- there was seldom a heavy emotional commitment made on my part to begin with. The downside is that I usually have few (if any) long-term companions to show for the time I've spent online. This is preferable in my case, as I'm an independently motivated person both on and offline, and have never been a socialite by any stretch of the imagination.

    In all fairness, I think many positive friendships and even deeper, long-term relationships can successfully grow from online origins. But I'd recommend being highly selective both in online communities and in the friendship building process if you decide to take this route. The community of the forum we're posting on now shouldn't be taken as a reliable representation of all online communities as a whole. This forum is helpful to an extent for some; others will have to find greener pastures. In my experience, such scenarios are quite common online.

    If it makes you feel any better, I've found very few "homes" I'm truly comfortable with on the internet. I'm currently in the process of building my own online "home". The plans call for a small, private community welcoming kindred spirits who share similar interests to my own. I suggest you do the same if you desire more control in your search for like-minded users. Working independently, you'll be solely responsible for creation, administration, and marketing of your site to the public. Security is of utmost importance if you desire an invitation-only or other type of private domain.

    Otherwise, fine-tune your searching techniques and you may yet find established communities suitable to your needs.

    Most importantly, remember that even highly independent people are still human -- we're all social by nature.

    Good luck.
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    I apologize to everyone for this thread that I have created. I have a great amount of "mental problems" in my life, and I really think that I need to seek some professional help. Most of my problems concerns my mind. It is depressing to read many of the threads and posts on this forum, because I become unhappy when others are suffering or hurting. I have considerable sympathy, empathy, and compassion towards every member of this forum. It hurts me to know that others are hurt, and if I had the power to do anything, I would cause everyone to live cheerful and successful lives. I would sacrifice myself just for another person to become joyous. I do not care if I am miserable as long as I know others are not miserable. I respect every member of this forum, especially the administrators and moderators. Next time, I will be careful about what I type when I am in an explosive mood, or have an excessive emotional urge to type something. I wish that I could have been a better friend to those who used to know me.

    Sincerely Yours,

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