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  1. cots

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    I am going crazy.

    I have a demoralising job that I took up because of desperation for money, a diploma course I took up just so I could get out of the job, and now a cat that is peeing everywhere.

    I can't get out of the job because I need the money to fund the course and the cat. I can't quit the course because I signed a contract and I can't leave the cat because how could I?

    I had a panic attack last night just thinking of all these and it was terrible. I feel like it's best if I left this world and maybe all these bad decisions I made can undo themselves.

    I need help but don't know where to look for it.
  2. Petal

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    Hi cots, I met you in chat, you see like a nice and reasonable person and you are able to identify when you need help. I would suggest seeing your family doctor, failing that see if there is a counsellor in the college that you are doing the diploma course in. I know life is not easy but if you take it one step at a time, in segments it will be easier to handle and know we we are here for you too.
  3. True-Lee

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    Hi cots, I am sorry that you have had a panic attack, I have only had one but that was enough, It is difficult when everything feels like it is piling up on you, I feel that you have come to the right place, at least for now. Life is hard sometimes, I know that it feels there is nothing that you can do and it seems hopeless, it is not hopeless, being here right now is just part of a first step for you. We are here for you , this is a safe place,right now you can read, you can talk to other people. you can listen to others like you have in the chat
    this room is for people like you and I, I came here just a little over a year ago, My life was out of control, everything I seemed to be doing was wrong, I was really suffering, I could not make sense of anything! I too was thinking of ending it. I am still here I see that you are familiar with the Forum, You know there are people that you can talk with and share your feelings, no one will Judge you! we are here to try an help you get through the crisis that you are facing now! Talk to someone in here, you know that you can when you come back, we are and will be here for you, when you are ready if you need us! I hope that you know you are not going crazy! You are feeling depressed, that makes everything mixed up, talk to someone in here please! We will offer you care and support until you are feeling better, Please! We will help and we care!