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I am going through a tough time...

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I will try to give you the short version...

Okay, so during the summer, I dated a boy for two months. But during that time, his ex-girlfriend ridiculed me just for going out with him. She called me "ugly", and a "slut" (even though she doesn't even know me), and because I am a very sensitive person, who is self concious to the extreme, I believed what she said about me. On top of that, his friends (who happen to be girls) just stopped talking to him when we were going out. I don't know why exactly...but I am pretty sure it was because I was going out with him. I have never done ANYTHING to them. I was nothing but nice when I met them.

We ended up breaking up over a time issue (basically we weren't going to see each other much anymore because we didn't have many classes together, and he was busy with sports?? I am still kind of confused about it.) And also, he missed his best friend, who was one of the girls who stopped talking to him when started dating. I kind of got mad about that, and said "So you want to dump me for a girl who hasn't even had the decency to talk to you for weeks?" Maybe that was out of line, but that's how I felt at the time. And I am pretty sure this girl has found out that I said that. (I think he told her.) My bf was really pissed off that I said that, and said that he shouldn't give up on her. (Though it was easy for him to give up on ME.)

So anyway, two months after the breakup, he is avoiding me, (and has gone through two other girlfriends like water), these girls look at me like I am the biggest bitch in the world, and also avoid me, and my friends (who just happen to be friends with them), seem to be torn between us. I recently found out my good friend is having a party, and didn't invite me, but has invited them. Maybe I shouldn't be upset over that, but I was.

Call me crazy, but I find it extremely unfair that I was attacked JUST for going out with him. They made me feel like I was a bad person just for doing that. And when I finally defend myself and speak up, they make me feel even worse for that.

I don't understand. I did absolutely nothing wrong here, yet these people (mainly girls) have attacked me through ignoring me, and giving me nasty looks. Have I done something wrong?? What should I do?? Thanks so much.
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Sounds like those people deserve to be buried alive.

As for what you should do, absorb the misiery, and strive to become a disturbed genius.

Oh and those people. They were clearly jealous and nothing else. There part of a big, shallow circle. Don't be like them. Being a recluse is better than being associated with that lot.
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