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I am going to do it

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I give up. Today, is my day. As i can see, nobody cares. Nobody has ever cared. And nobody will ever care. So, I give up.


i have to. i have nothing to live for. no reason to live. and it doesnt matter. because i am almost there anyways.


well, now i am going deeper. told someone about my rape today, and all that person said to me was, you fucking liar. so, whatever. apparently i was just trying to get attention being that it was my friend's funeral and the attention was directed towards her family and not me. so fuck it. there is not one person in this world that believes me. so i am not going to try anymore. this pain that i feel is all to much for me, and i give up. i just, nevermind


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they probably just weren't ready or were uncapable of accepting the fact.. its not something many people ever encounter in their lives so she just tried to demagnify (not a word i'm sure) it by assuming it was a lie. and just in case it helps i believe you (and i'm in this world for now...). wish people could be more understanding sometimes, but sometimes they will think you're lying or tell everyone you know causing you to spiral further into depression and feel even worse about yourself... the truth is humans can be bastards... sometimes though they do the shocking thing of being kind generous and helpful, i hope you can see a few of these traits soon to make you feel better. :sad:

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Shellz, people do believe you. I believe you, and everyone whose read your posts believes you. If I could go to the states I go talk to the police and make sure they track down the guy who did that to you, and get him locked up, but I can't.

If you don't want this guy to to do this again you have to get him off the streets. I know the police didn't believe you first time, and I'm not sure of the law in the US, but in the UK they are obliged to take every claim seriously. Go back and talk to them again.

If you go, this guy will do it again, and someone else will have to go through what you have. You have the option to stop that


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Do you feel that we can never understand no matter what? Is it everyone that can never understand what your going through or is it just us?

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you guys just do not understand whatsoever

Then make us understand. Lets us know how your feeling, and what we can do to help you


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HI Shellz, please talk with us. I am so sorry to hear about the rape U went thru. If that person thinks U are a liar he is very stupid! Please don't do anything foolish. U can PM me at rayden291 on yahoo messenger or PM me here if U need to talk. I am here in case U need someone to talk to.
I have read alot of posts lately saying that no one belives them, no one likes them and so forth. How about moving somewhere else, cause there are alot of people that want to help you, and other people like you who feel alone. I am lucky, I have a girl that understands me, she also has problems so we understand eachother on a very deep level. She is my angel, she keeps me alive.

Basicly, what I am saying is find someone, someone that understand and yes it is hard. No one of my friends except her would understand if I told them about my suicidal thougts and my cutting and the way I always pretend to be fine, when I am crying on the inside...

Good luck, we're here for you...
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