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i am here.i shouldnt be

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What's going on sweetheart? No way you should leave, this is what SF is here for hun. Support. Hang in there, I love ya and you can PM me or get on yahoo if you'd like to. :hug: :hug:


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i wasnt really talking about SF.i was talking about life.But yes SF too.i really shouldnt be here..............there is just too much going on.i dont know who saw my other thread i made tonight in Uncertainty Principle and there is a lot of other stuff too.The other stuff it is my doing though.So dont have sympathy.


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i feel so ill already

And yet i just wanna hurt myself more

Why why why????Why am i me????

Ignore this there is nlothing you can say or do.

Then Why am i posting?i dont know to be honest

To let it out

To talk

But you wont get anywhere what you would consider positive with me

i never get anywhere

i worry talking with me will only frustrate other people
I have spent my life priding myself on being the nicest guy alive.. I am a charmer not ugly.. well educated.. but it just had led to a new version of hell...

Can someone explain why my life is hell.....
I, for one, am glad you are here kath. Both at the forum and in life. I am sorry you are feeling as you are. Hang in there. You have done it before and you can this time. :hug:


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Kath for what you've been through and for so long and you're still here say's something about you,there is a super strong resilience that you have and so many other's would've fallen long before.You're going through a rough time and feel guilty but try not to,Gees you're no criminal and you're truly amazing and have such passion don't give in we can get through this I promise you.


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kath it is ok. tell me what is wrong and we can work through it. you need to talk this over. mostly you deserve to be here as much as the next person.
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