I am hurt

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    Why do people have to say things or do things that will hurt another? especially when they are already hurting.

    God i have tried to be so forgiving and i have tried to help but it seems all i am doing is making things worse.

    why? Why do i have to hurt like this? is there ever going to be anything to ease my pain?

    I thought i had lost someone to death. then i find out he is still alive so i try. i try to be kind. i forgave and i get paid back with such ill that it tears at my heart so much. why do i continue to trust.

    Why can i not just learn that i am just nothing. i feel like nothing. i have nothing left inside me to give.

    This pain and hole is just too much. it is just too deep.

    My pain is seen to others as not real and to others as evil and to others as just something they do not understand or can understand. i am seen as a nut or crazy. They can not feel what i am feeling. God why can they not see into my heart. my true heart. the one that bleeds inside.

    God i have tried. i just had to let this out cause it is eating away inside me. It is bad enough knowing i have something that is eating me inside and knowing that others do not care for my feelings or what i am going through.

    i am in so much pain right now. it has to end soon. it has to. i just do not know how to cope anymore. it just is getting to me really hard right now. i did what you require i forgave yet i get the bad end.

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    im so sorry your hurting so much at the moment thinking of you and take care