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I am Iceman

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Hi I am the suicidally motivated juggernaut of a b@stard who shall kick up a storm so powerful that my heels may kick at the heavens where my maker, an inconsiderate wretch, watches complacent with that imperfect design that is my mind. That is humanity. I pity those who suffer and have a dark impulse urging me to inflict suffering upon those who don't but given that I have already been warned after a comment about Charles Manson, I coaxe you to think of me as no more than a sexually insatiable sado masachist. As for my life. I don't even though where to begin telling you about that fiasco but I have no job, no money, no friends and an cruelly placed ambition that means that I am forced to live an impoverished lifestyle when I crave global renown. Thanks god you cruel b!tch. You done a good job.
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