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I am impossible

Black and white, BPD
One one hand, I want help, I want people to care
On the other hand, I dont want help and desire to be alone
And disappear
I don't really know what to do anymore
I don't want to get better
I want to just be a victim and not do the hard work
That means there is no point to therapy
That means there is no point to medication
That means there is no point for me
I feel like all I do these days is treat people like shit
I always crave attention but make every god damned excuse to not take any help or advice
I am truly impossible


when you help others you help yourself
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i know the feeling of not wanting to get better. i let my physical issues lead me down the path of poor mental health and giving up completely. but i eventually decided to fight to get better. you can do the same. the most important part on the road to recovery is the desire to get better, without that desire outlook is not positive. try to think of where you want to be and fight to get there. if you want to get better therapy/meds and friends can help. i hope you decide to make your life to be a life with some joy in it...mike...*hug*console*shake


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Sorry you are feeling like this, is this just recently you have been feeling like this or all the time?

Why do you think you don't want the help and advice? Just curious.

I too have black and white thinking, its all or nothing and bad for my mental health.

Hoping that you will feel better soon.

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