I am in danger to myself and others

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by just.me, Aug 3, 2009.

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  1. just.me

    just.me Account Closed

    What is happening to a man that knows that he cant afford suicide?
    yet he have nothing to live for, nothing to fight for
    and even if he had something like that, he still had no means to do anything?

    Ill tell you what
    his pain and depression turn into anger and feeds itself by the selfish
    and careless surrounding society
    and that is when you read about teenagers going on killing rampage at school

    and i am currently at that state
    cant do anything about it
    and many people in here noticed the way i am trying to fight it
    during chat i am supportive, and at the forums i am negative and aggressive
    many asked why, and here is you answer.

    I am loosing this battle
    the anger becomes stronger while i dont get any support to fight it
    i am alone against it and its much stronger then me

    Maybe, not too far from today, you will read about yet another young male
    who went on a killing rampage, and at the end shot himself...
    not because i am evil, but because this is what this world made out of me

    and people like me don't go away quietly, we explode with chaos and destruction

    maybe ill manage save some strength so that when the time comes
    ill be able to hold myself, and to not to take anyone with me
  2. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    hey there ..
    i really hope u dont do anything 2 harm urself or others ..
    i did question why u were being insensitive at times on the forum ..but i can understand ur hurting aswel .. and prehaps thats ur outlet..
    have u tried therapy ? u are obviously an intelligent guy .. i have seen u give great advice in the chat room .. it would be such a shame if u let the thoughts u are having come true ..
    please get some help .. :hug: x
  3. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    If these are the thoughts you are having and feelings of rage then there is indeed something you can do before you harm anybody including yourself. You are of sound mind now you are logical then do the logical thing here sign yourself into a hospital before there is tragedy before the rage overtakes your thought process before depression clouds your mind do it now.
    Pick up the phone and tell the crisis team what you said here tell them the anger and you thoughts and tell them you don't want to be one of those young teens that snap and hurt innocent people. Its in your hands now do the right thing now get into hospital and get stable get the help you desperately need and desperately want. Take care and vent here yes but do something concrete to ensure your anger is dealt with if not hospital take anger management classes but i don't want to hear abt any tragedies like you just stated because you have the power to stop it now.
  4. just.me

    just.me Account Closed

    Not all of us are Americans\English...
    I live in a country where there is no social support and no human rights
    the life quality rating of my country goes well bellow country's like Iraq and Iran
    this is East Europe, the second place (after Africa) that still enslave people
    a country where you work or you die
    so if ill contact the local hospital
    they will throw me in a 2x2 room and fill me with just enough drugs so that i wont know who i am
    and im talking about psychiatric drugs that were used during USSR
    which in case you don't know, are just designed to mentally kill a person while keeping him physically alive

    Sure there are private hospitals
    but i bet you know already that i cant afford it (like at all)
  5. mandyj101

    mandyj101 Well-Known Member

    call on a family member for support financially .. get a loan .. do anything 2 protect urself and others from what ur considering doing.. u need 2 be in hospital so u can get well ..
    U know that going on a killing rampage wont solve anything .. u will hurt innocent ppl .. and for what ? it wont prove a point 2 anyone .. u will just cause pain..chaos and hatred ..
    u have the internet .. thats more than some have .. u have a means 2 start actively seeking help ..
    there must be organisations there.. or something .. anything .. that can help u ..
  6. xan

    xan Chat Buddy

    I understand you live in a place where being suicidal is just seen as a weakness and not something people are willing to try and help you with and that they would rather lock you up and throw away the key... but what you're saying is in no way the answer to that, killing a few innocent people? That's ridiculous... I could sympathise if you say said... i want to kill the person who abused me when i was a child or that you wanted to hack the government database and delete all their files becasue they won't give you any help at all... but killing random people is really not the way to go. (I'm not recomending the other ideas, they're bad too)...

    Find a way to vent your anger, you're not the only one who sometimes feels that everything good inside of them has been worn away till they're a hollow shell filled with nothing but rage and anger to the point you want to explode... maybe a rage support group would be a cheaper way to get help if there is such a thing? Just don't let it out like that....
  7. backwardshole

    backwardshole Active Member

    They say that "your life is only what you make it". But we can only make it to some degree, the rest is inevitably controlled by the world's external elements like society, media, people, the system, etc... We can only make our lives to better cope and conform with the elements around us...

    Trust me man, I have been feeling the same way lately about going on a rampage, everyday when i walk into work i think about it. It's a matter of just being pushed too far past your own personal threshold, the world is to blame for the emotions that it has induced into you. We are all born innocent, until we see the true reality of life... Whatever thoughts come to your head, don't do anything that will get you into "trouble".
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