I am in deep SH*T.... don't know what to do or where to seek help

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Heatdepot, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. Heatdepot

    Heatdepot Member

    I have so many problems right now that I am physically and emotionally a wreck. If I died tonight I probably would feel better.

    My problems:

    1. Few months ago I was in an auto accident. I consulted an attorney and he took the case claiming I had a good case. But he required that I go to see his chiropractor since that's the only way he'll make money. I was a little worried cause who pays the chiropractor if we lose the case? He said don't worry that he'll be paid with the winnings. Well after 2 months, the attorney suddenly drops my case because the other driver's insurance denied our claim. But that's not he worst of it, the chiropractor sends me a bill for over $2000!!!!! The attorney says I am responsible for his bill cause I signed the doctor's lien, which I admit didn't understand fully and only signed cause I believed him. So now the bill collector is calling me 10 times a day!!!!!!! I don't even know what to do... I am so embarrassed that I can't even tell my family. They don't have any money either so they can't help me anyways.

    2. I needed money so I decided to sell most of my belongings on eBay. I made a mistake of deciding to go to Vegas to try and double it to help pay bills. But of course I lost all my money. Now I am back to being penniless.

    3. My brother has a wedding coming up and I don't want to go cause I have social phobia (Vegas doesn't count cause I go in and out quickly to make a bet). I get so uncomfortable that I start to panic, get nausious and have breathing problems. But my brother wants to get me involved as much as possible. He wants me to go get measured for a tuxedo also which I don't want to do. I have been thinking of ways to get out of this and the only solution seems to be suicide.

    4. I need to lose a ton of weight but I just can't seem to. I've been running 5-10 miles 3-5 times a week but the weight will not come off!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I've run like 2000 miles in the past year and I've only lost 30 pounds. I need to lose another 50 pounds but I've like hit the wall!

    I am so sick of my that I am constantly thinking of different ways to off myself. I don't know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can anyone offer any advice for me??????????????
  2. Swansong

    Swansong New Member

    1. Breathe deep
    2. GTFO of Vegas
    3. Go to your brother's wedding. Catch the bride's bouquet.
    4. Try a different diet/exercise plan?
  3. bmavxps3

    bmavxps3 Member

    Tough it out, man. Keep on fighting through
  4. jrr

    jrr New Member

    I don't have advice about points one and two but there are much easier ways to get out of going to a wedding than suicide. I don't know about your and your brothers situations so this might be out of the question but you might want to consider simply explaining your situation then maybe ask him if instead of going to the wedding you could invite him and his wife over for a private dinner to celebrate the occasion in an environment where you would be less stressed. Or if it is very important to him that you be there for his day maybe you could have a less active role in the ceremony. Maybe just a seat in back for the ceremony say congrats to couple then skip the reception. Also if those wouldn't work for you faking the flu is always an option.

    As for point four all I can say is that if you run 5-10 miles multiple times a week you are very likely at your ideal weight. Losing more could be unhealthy.
  5. fallingangie

    fallingangie Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree with Jrr..talk to your brother about your social phobia in order to avoid the wedding. But get therapy or something for this problem..because this social phobia can ruin a lot of things for you in life..iv been there...you should get as much help as possible to get out of this thing.
    Get a loan perhaps to pay off the debt..and work your ass off to pay off the loan later...lol..or borrow the money from someone close to you perhaps.
    Its not that bad to be obese..you can always join a gym, work hard, get help for this weight issue.
    Lastly, whatever is happening, its not that bad that you will think of suicide. Anyway, suicide is never the solution. These problems can easily be sorted, but you got to work hard. You know theres a saying "life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you are through," show the world that you have learned and you will never make the same mistakes again.
  6. pinkpetals33

    pinkpetals33 Well-Known Member

    About attorneys, clearly when you sign the wordy documents when you retain him and the doctor's office, that is the signee's responsibility. When you sign, you are acknowledging that you understand and blah blah blah. Unfortunatley, alot people still "trust" when attorneys are speaking and "thinking out loud" Truthfully, in the future never settle for 1 opinion, get 4-5 opinions about possible outcome

    Secondly, you can always file a complaint with the bar assocaition and disupute and see if you can come to an agreement thru dispute resolution. I think everyone has been screwed by an attorney at least once. I've been screwed 3 times!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Honestly, that is a huge event for the both of you....not only for your brother. He is honored to have you there and it means the world that you are there. It's ONE day that you get to show up in a tuxedo looking sharper than you ever will.....like the others say, discuss the panic issues with hiim at least before you just bail out or freak out. Sometimes just talking about the panic makes the situation much easier.....that or do what I do.....several glasses of champagne.


    Why don't you juice for a week or so and get over the hump. Change it up.
  7. .salt.

    .salt. Member

    1. $2000 is not a lot of money. if you work hard enough, you can come up with it. and i've never heard of anyone going to jail or anything if you don't pay it right away. so it's really not as bad as it may seem right now. seriously, just get any old job, like mcdonalds or CVS or a grocery store if you have to, you'll find a way if you try hard enough (and it doesn't have to be permanant, just until you make the money you need!)

    2. i hope you learned your lesson with the gambling thing. casinos prey on people who think they're going to make money. gambling means you are going to lose 90% of the time, so just don't do it and think of a better way to invest your money in the future, or just use the money for what you sold your things for, to pay your debt. (gambling is playing. don't go playing games with your money, use it to pay your debts! it's a life lesson, don't let it kill you, just learn from it and move forward, i'm sure you will not make this mistake again)

    3. suicide is the most illogical solution to phobias. think about it: you want to feel better. if you off yourself, you won't feel ANYthing, you'll just be dead. doesn't the prospect of feeling GOOD seem way better?? :) so let's think of a way to feel better instead. and if you're feeling really bad, you could talk to some help, even call 1-800-suicide if you need to, it's free, the people are friendly and it's better than just making the rash decision of killing yourself without exploring other options.

    4. exercise alone won't make you lose weight. you need to eat less calories than you are burning off, so try lowering your caloric intake from whatever it is now (do the math based on what you tend to eat in a given day to find out) to something much lower. that doesn't mean eat less, it just means eat things with less calories. keep exercising and eating less calories and i bet you will begin to lose weight within a couple weeks. just be patient and remember that it takes time, won't happen overnight!

    :poo: don't let yourself bottom out over it. when we're stressed out (we've all been there!) we tend to make poor decisions. so relax. eat some comfort food if you have to. then tomorrow start over and start making decisions that you know in your heart will put you in a positive place.
  8. flowers

    flowers Senior Member

    hi I am sorry this is all crashing in on you. First, my naturopath thought I could never lose weight no matter how much I tried to diet because I have such high anxiety. But at the health food store I found a product called relora which makes it so that I am not producing as much of the hormone Cortisol. It worked for me, along with not eating as much food.

    Would it be possible to get on some medication for the social phobia? Sometimes it really can help take the edge off of it.

    I agree with talking with your brother about your situation. I know that for me it was humilating to admit to my brothers what my situation is. But I do believe that the only way out of something is to walk straight through it. In this case perhaps explaining to your brother your emotional ( and financial) circumstance.

    Finally, have you called your state's attourney General's office to see what your options are? Or at the very least to report the attorney and ask about the chiropractor? Its possible they have shady practice records with the Attorney general's office. And you can add your case to the list of complaints. Perhaps you were a deer in the headlights after the accident and you trusted someone who should not have been trusted.

    You can recover from all that you mentioned. If you are unable to work then you can file for bankrupcy. Please call united way in your area ( phone number is usually 211 . explain your circumscances and ask them where you can go to get help with all of this. That you feel backed against a financial and emotional corner. Thats all I have in terms of suggestions. I wish you lots of luck
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