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I am insecure about my testicle size


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Well it is biological. People are attracted to symmetrical faces. There is a universal perception of beauty. And it persists despite efforts to encourage people to be less superficial.
That's true. I agree completely.
But also, in this case, this user is citing an asymmetric trait that is universally known for being asymmetrical *and* that isn't being viewed by others. This is something that he's afraid for others to see because of the fear reaction of "what *could* happen".
So while telling him "don't be bothered" is, indeed, pointless because telling any of us not to be bothered by something is pointless, he did show up for opinions and people are unilaterally telling him it's not an issue.


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Just chatting. Sharing an empirical observation in response to public’s obsession with vanity. Being conversational nothing more 🤓


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So, at the risk of sounding dismissive, I'm gonna point out something that seems super obvious to me but that nobody has mentioned; no one likes balls anyway. Even the prettiest set of testes you've ever seen are just kinda there. I've never, not once, heard any woman or gay man say how much they appreciate a nice symmetrical scrotum. And, I mean, I've actually listened in on a fair number of conversations about what people find attractive in a man, and balls have never come up even once. I get the impression that they're pretty much just tolerated or ignored. So even if someone has a wonky set, it's not really a point against them.

For the record, I have a big obvious surgical scar right across my own sack, and no one has ever given even half a shit about it.


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You mention a prior porn addiction, which I feel may have contributed to your self-consciousness. I am speaking from personal experience here. Growing up I had a huge complex about my labia, which was fueled entirely by my having been exposed to porn where all of the women had labia that looked nothing like mine. Even amateur porn is not a good representation of what genitalia looks like in real life. It just isn't.

I don't see anything wrong with watching porn but obviously not to addiction levels, and not to the point where it distorts your sense of self-worth.


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I had one testicle removed when I was 13 (testis tostrom, infection, dead testicle had to be removed). It's never been a problem for me around girls at all. I've never felt it made me feel less of a man.

I can totally understand your thoughts but from my personal experience very few people care about testicle size (or whether you have one or two).
Well it is biological. People are attracted to symmetrical faces. There is a universal perception of beauty. And it persists despite efforts to encourage people to be less superficial.
It's our nature I believe, some times it can be helped and some times I don't think so much.
As Gonz has suggested—& I’m no expert on the matter; but to back up his “theory,” & in the absence of input from “others!” ;) I’ll add that I was listening to a comedic podcast, maybe one or two years ago. And it was a female comedian who was not at the top of the food chain, but still very much established, intelligent, and with a more checkered, or shall we say, “colorful,” background — given all of these other things. . . & anyway, somehow or another the topic of fellas sending pictures of their members to girls came up - & she started to tell stories of how she’s gotten some in her DM’s & whatnot. And I believe the guy who’s podcast she was speaking with was asking questions and everything—& I think he’d asked if they should be “in there,” (that is, “should the testes - though I believe he said, balls - not that it matters..;)) And she goes, quite genuinely in her reactions, “I feel like, no. . . They kind of—shouldn’t be! (In the picture / or frame) _ now while this is only one person’s opinion, I can only surmise that she speaks for a certain segment of the population (in terms of “taste,” when it comes to “dick-pics!”). . . As she’d even gone so far as to give advice on the proper perspective from which to “shoot,” the said member (for the best view!). :^) anyway, take that for what it’s worth...

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