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I am jealous of EVERYONE

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There is something wrong with me. I am jealous of everyone, and I can't even help it anymore. I am a bad person, I guess.

I am jealous of
everyone that looks better than me,
everyone that has friends,
everyone that has a good job,
everyone that has a wife, girlfriend, kids, husband, etc,
everyone that is happy,
everyone that accomplishes something good,
everyone that gets to do things with friends,
everyone that has something to live for,
everyone that is not suicidal,
everyone that has a life,
everyone that has sex,
everyone that has anything positive in their life that I don't have

I am jealous of everyone.


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This is driving me crazy. The smallest thing sets me off. I am so extremely jealous and bitter. I have never heard of anyone as jealous as myself. It is unbelieveable. I can't even watch tv or movies without feeling jealous of the characters. In another online forum I visit, there are a guy and a girl that are all "in love" and post pictures of them together, looking so happy and in love. I swear I have never been so jealous in my life. It was so bad that I probably would have killed myself right there if I had something with me.

Does anyone know if there is a known cause for something like this? Extreme jealousy. I guess it stems from self hatred, or something.


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i'm more bitter than anything when i see love stories that end up happily...and doubly so when i see couples walk by holding hands or kiss do anything alike.

...i suppose i'm kind of glad to know it's not just me that feels like this...but i don't know how to make this stop...other than stopping to care...an option that doesn't sound that bad right now.

- Henry
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