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I am Lilah.

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My name is Lilah. I am 21 years old and am currently on a "break" from college due to some emotional and mental problems. I hope to go back next semester. I've been using this time to reflect and try to learn some methods for dealing with problems, instead of repressing them. If you need any tips on how to repress, then I'm your girl! Actually, it's a pretty horrible thing to do and it just leads to increased stress and angst. It's a daily struggle.

I joined the forum because I hope to be able to find and give help.



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Hi and welcome...and I thought I was the queen of repression...I know how putting things under the rug can really trip you up...let me know if you were want to talk about this...welcome and big hugs, J


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:welcome: to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your emotional difficulties but am glad that you've been able to use the time to work on some stuff.. it sounds really empowering :) x


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Hey there Lilah, welcome to SF. Always a pleasure to welcome a fellow repressor. :tongue: I am skilled in the art myself. But joking aside, it is good to have you here. :hug:


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hi Lilah
Welcome !!!!!!!! I think that realizing that you repress feelings is a great place to begin. So many people are way too afraid to even see that. I avoid things at all cost. So thee ya go !!! I am glad you are here. After reading all the responses, I bet I do not have to say how great this website is. So many caring people here. I am glad you are amongst them. :hug:
Please to meet, Lilah. You have come to the right place, as when it comes to repression, I have no equal lol. I have "successfully" blacked most of my childhood. You see, as far as i`m concerned, my life began when I hit my twenties :laugh: Anyhow... I guess what I am trying to say is welcome! your not alone and your in good company!

Yours truly, LessLife.
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