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I am lonely

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I am lonely and need somebody to talk with.
I cant go to chat rooms because the same nutjob always follows me to them and posts my ip address in public.

Say anything,I don't mind,I'm desperate.:Jehuty:


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Sorry you're feeling so lonely. :( The chatroom here is safe if you want to give it a try?
I'm sorry you're feeling lonely too.:hugtackles:

I might try the chat room but this person uses proxies or something and I would not want to bump into them at such a low point. :)
The weather can only be explained as dark cotton wool clouds.
How is your weather?
You are okay,good. :)
Glad to hear your cheese is okay,unhappy cheese is the major cause of relationship break ups between people and their cheese.


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lol well cheese sure is tempting. without cheese, life would be boring.
the weather here... well over the day it was great. and it has been everyday recently. you can walk around without a jacket! wohoo
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