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i am looking for a friend

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Is there any one from India who has been dumped and deserted by a man? and he has accepted another woman and has his own family ?

This has happened to me and I constantly need to remind myself .

I need to talk to someone who is in the same situation.

thank you



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Hi Dips and welcome to the forum,

Sounds like you're in a very difficult situation at the moment... although i'm not in the same situation as you, I'd be more than willing to talk if you would like.

Jenny x


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Sorry, I don't live in India but I do know what it's like to have your heart ripped asunder by the person you didn't think would ever do that to you. I'll talk if you like.


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Hello Dips, I'm afraid I think you really won't find anyone like that here. I think I'm really the only Indian here besides you and I am a guy not a girl. I still know that you can find support here even if the people here aren't completely familiar to your culture and background, they can still very much relate.
Actually nk, I dont think you're the only Indian here besides Dips... I know another one, so that brings it to three lol.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, Dips, and although I'm not in the same one, I'm still around and stuff if you wanna talk about it.

Sorry to hear about what you have been through dips. Although many of us are not from your cultural background, we still understand the pain of what you are going through. You should find many people that can xhare experiences with you. I do understand.


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realy thanks to you all. and nkrukato, i have seen you around here in this forum quite a bit, never thought u r from india.

anyways, i know that whatever culture and background is, human emotions are same everywhere. it depends on the person how well they can empathise more than where they live.

But still I am looking fr an indian woman. if not in this forum i am sure i will find somewhere . internet is so big and there will be so many like mine. i have to search and i am sure i wil find.

everyday every single day and all the time i have to remind myself that the person has left me, threw me out and is well settled himself. and thats how i have to live the rest of my life. what happens to a women who is abandoned like this ? what is the effect and what is the result ? what should she do and what does she do ?

also in my case, i dont have family support at all. i am totaly on my own. can anybody stay all alone, all their life? just me and only me ?? have anyone of you seen anyone staying totally alone like this ? i have really very little relation with my parents and siblings.

i am 26 and there are atleast 50 more years in life. that is a huge long time and i know many things will change but still, i want some friend. it will make a lot of difference to me.

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