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    yes, i openly admit (today at least) I am mentally ill.

    schizo-affective? maybe. bipolar with paranoid tendencies, most likely. Obessive ,OH HELL YES. Post tramatic Syndrome, yah, its a bitch.


    (at least today)

    is incoherant. Soooo why do family members get off acting like i do know they are talking about me when i am standing in the same room with in ear shot...

    "maybe she needs to be on meds again B..."

    HELLO???? I am here! See me? This great big 5 foot 11 inch tall goliath woman with short brown hair and a scowl to kill on her face? ya... I AM HERE and my EARS WORK. my emotions , however, sometimes DON'T.

    No meds. no thankyou. bad month. bad three months. its getting better. i had a major stressor tirgger me, and it is taking me a bit to re-adjust to things. i'll level out eventualy.

    mentally ill = invisible

    mentally ill = you don't have feelings that are ligitamate anymore, cause supposedly you are "just moody" now.

    mentally ill = you have no controll over your health care anymore. you go into a doc office and complain about something that hurts, they figure out you are mental, and then its all about your mentall illness and not your physicall complaint. (like my damned kidneys)

    mentally ill = your stupid and don't know anything anymore. hello, most of the people in society that were major contributors were mentally ill OR they had a learning disability!


    i am allowed to be mad, and ligitamely mad. not mentally ill mad. i want to leave and start over somewhere where no one knows me, but i know i'd just make the same stupid mistakes again. i am fuckin pissed off.
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