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I am moving on

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For osme time now, there have been some ppl in my life I thought was my friends, but for MONTHS now they have for some reason been avoiding all contact with me, just this past weekend, they had the nerve to go to this restaurant which is no more then 5 mins away from me, without having the curtousy to invite me, and these are ppl I have known 5-10 years.

I no longer have the energy in me to sit and stress about it anymore, so I am moving on, if they want to be ignorant and thoughtless, I have no reason to include them in my life, so I am moving on, so this chapter in my life is closed.


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Sometimes that's the best thing to do, you deserve better friends anyway, people who want to hang out with you and don't ignore you.


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their loss!!
good idea to change your reaction to these thoughtless people..
new friends who appreciate you..way to go!


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There are many people out there who would love to be your friend!

Perhaps ask your friends why the excluded you first before jumping to conclusions....they could have been planning a surprise party for you! But if they give you no good answer....find new friends!
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