I am needless/useless in this world

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    I fucking hate everyone in this life. Everyone is selfish and hypocrite. They are saying that they care about you/him/it but in reality they just don't give a shit. Everyone is doing what the ''majority'' (the others) is doing. If everyone has an account on a social networking site (twitter etc) you also need to have one otherwise you are consider weird and strange. If you are not the man with the nice looking appearance and the fancy hairstyle you are also consider outcast (mostly in women). If you are not interested in things like sports & music just like the others do, again you are consider weird. If you don't follow such rules you just lose the ''game'' and left out alone. Society makes you want to feel like you want to be accepted by people. You NEED to follow the flow otherwise you are fucked up.
    But guest what. I DON'T give a SHIT for your ''rules'' or anything. This society made me disgust and hate everyone. I will stay alone for fucking ever and i won't regret it because this world is a shitplace. Why should i stay in this world if i hate it that much? I have no motivation to live. I waste my time here.