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I am new here

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I am new to here as of today. My tough times tend to be around September 2 (the anniversary of my favorite aunt's death by her hand) and around my birthday and Christmas and New Year's Day (my birthday is December 18). I also have depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as autoimmune disorders - these have caused me to be declared disabled with an onset of disability in 2003. Each year, I find I am getting stronger as far as the emotional aftereffects of childhood/young adult abuse, but I still have some bouts where things get very hard due to my aunt's death and due to my health status - I intend to fight the autoimmune stuff as long as possible even though hubby does have an idea of my views about quality of life (end of brain activity = end of life to me, before then = keep fighting). Even with these views towards life, it is still sometimes a struggle not to want to follow my aunt's example.

I am married and just had my 10th anniversary on the 14th of December.

I have a question, I was wondering if I could add my anniversary and birthday to the 2007 calendar? Another question is that I tried to put an image into my signature and kept getting told it could not be uploaded - I was within the size requirements?


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Hey Pegasus, welcome to SF
Hope you find what you are looking for here.

If you ever need someone to talk to or have a question, feel free to PM me

Hang in there

Luv, Josh
:welcome: to SF Pegasus. I am sure you will meet many people here that share in some of your issues. It always helps to find someone that understands where we are coming from when trying to deal with our problems. :hug:

Welcome to SF. I hope you find everything you are looking for her - support, friendship and etc. I am here if you'd ever like to talk. I am glad you decided to join here, it means there's syill hope which releives me. Take care and I hope to see ya around soon and hope you stick around. :hug: :hug:

jane doe

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welcome to the forum. i wanted to tell you that if you need to talk, i´m here, so you just need to pm me. it´s a good thing that you keep fighting, do it, you won´t regret to still alive. this place will provide you with poeple who cares about each other, and if you ever need help, you just must to say it. pm me hun if you need to let it all out. and again: welcome:)


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Welcome to SF. You are dealing with a lot it sounds like. If you ever need to talk don't hesitate to PM me. I am glad you are with us. Hope to see you around. take care.


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I just want to say that even though I have been through years of therapy and have not made any serious attempts since about 1999, I still get the feelings and need to talk them out when they happen. What happens when I get these feelings is that I start sleeping more than usual even though that is not the only reason I can end up sleeping more than usual since my physical dis-abilities can also cause that. (I actually prefer to use the term "dis-ability" or "dis-abilities" to the term "disability" or "disabilities").


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to me, "dis-ability" puts the emphasis on the "ability" part while "disability" puts the emphasis on being "unable to". It is kind of like saying "I have my autoimmune disorders, they do not have me" which indicates a degree of control over them (no, I realize I do not have total control over them as I was reminded of when I had to go out for about an hour for each of 3 times and 30 minutes 1 time and I spent the rest of the day sleeping after sleeping about 8 hours last night - this was not a depressive form of sleeping but the reaction from way too much sun over the last 3 weeks because I had the car available to me for 6 days of the last 15 due to having appointments, mainly vet appointments for my two kittens, those days starting to look like the male kitten may have an autoimmune disorder which is very capable of being lived with when caught early as I am living proof of).
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