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    I haven't done very well so far in my life. I left school as soon as I could, over two years ago, which in my opinion was a good choice but that cut me off from the friends I had there. It took me about seven months to find a job. It was a lot harder than I expected because at school, I was told if you did well in the exams (I did better than most), finding a job would be easy but this has not been the case. I joined a course which helped me with writing CVs and job interview skills and stuff like that.

    My first job was at a supermarket. I worked there for only nine months and decided to leave after things became way to stressful for me there, and the disrespectful way I was treated by some of the management staff. I was unemployed for nine months after that and never left the house except for every Wednesday to see a councillor. I stopped visiting him three months ago.

    Three weeks ago I was offered a job as a labourer by one of my Dad's friends that owns a local construction firm. Things were going quite well but things began to feel a bit awkward. The two people that I have been working with are a lot more capable with their work and I have suspicions that I have not met up to their expectations. I have heard them talk about finding a replacement for me because I am so inexperienced and I get the feeling they aren't even bothering to show me how to do things because when I do ask for things to do, they don't let me do anything and so I just stand and watch. This also feels awkward because they then talk about charging me for being a spectator, which isn't even my fault. I have been busy on Monday and Tuesday with moving concrete blocks. I moved 713 blocks in total and each weigh about 25kg, so my arms feel harder than usual. I don't mind being given a task like that but I don't think I'm helping myself by letting them know I do strange things like count how many blocks I lay out for them. I never speak unless I absolutely have to so I think they are quite eager to get rid of me for someone more interesting.

    Today I skipped work. I left the house late enough so my Dad could get to work first, and to reduce the likelihood of seeing a work mate driving one of their vans. I rode my motorbike the long way to give myself some extra time and went to the shops to by crap. I then took the even longer way home by going in the completely wrong direction but I managed to get home after my Dad's girlfriend went to work at I don't know what time. It was windy and rainy but riding a motorbike is fun.

    I have tried to explain to my dad all this and the problem I have at work but I rarely ever speak to him (or anybody else), so I find it difficult to talk about my problems. My boss, being a good friend of my Dad, comes here frequently to work on his motorbike. I think my Dad has asked him to have a word with me tonight about why I skipped work today. I will probably tell him what I told my Dad, hopefully he will understand and I hope I don't cry because at some point I will say or begin to think of how rubbish I am at every thing. If I do, that will be extremely embarrassing.

    I don't remember why I wrote this. Oh well. Add me on MSN if you like, my only friend is away partying for the next two weeks so it might be nice to have someone sensible to talk to.
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    Welcome to SF Gary. Sorry to hear about that situation at work but I think you should just tell your dad (and then maybe the workers) the way you feel. Stand up to them and tell them that you are willing to do anything they want of you, but that you need them to show you how some of that work is done.

    I think they'll respect you for it. I had that problem a couple of times and I finally just went to the owner and said "hey, look...I'll do anything...I can do it...just show me how and what needs to be done". After that everything was o.k.
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    Ah, dont worry man. i worked in construction for almost 2 years and i spent first 4 months just picking the trash, throwing bricks around or doing things nobody else would do. Just look buisy, dont get in the way and you will pick it up eventually. New guys can be annoying, generally they are tossed around and bitched about. You must earn respect if you work in that field. Or quit it and go to uni as i did. Thats another thing, i dont kno what kind of moron told you that if you score good at highschool you can get a proper job. The only thing you get with highschool background is low qualification stuff like flipping burgers or tossing bricks. And there are enough morons doing that already. Id advise you to take a course in something youd like, just so it looks good on your CV.

    mmm..... not really. none would really give a shit.
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    Finding a job is hard, no matter what your credentials are. To be honest, I know college graduates who are struggling to find work right now.

    Maybe let your dad or your boss know what's going on, that you're willing to do whatever is needed. Sorry I'm not much help because I pretty much suggested what's already been mentioned; but I just wanted you to know I read your post. If you ever feel like talking, you can PM me.
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    Thats cause most kids nowadays pick up communication studies, management or some crap like psychology. There are enough other fields with real demand for new workers.