I am Not Hyperbolic

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    You know I am just rehashing this topic/idea, but really I am getting tired of people rolling their eyes at me whenever I say I will never meet that special romantic someone. It would be one thing if these were strangers who do not know me. However, these are people who know me and are well aware of my habits. I mean I have to sit them down and provide empirical proof as to how I can show that I will never meet that individual. Yet they still roll their eyes at me and say I am being Hyperbolic. So I need someone else to help analyze my situation to show me what part of my lifestyle will lead to me meeting that special romantic partner.

    Think number one that I never do is talk to people. I guess that might be mildly inaccurate. When I say that I mean that I do not seek out conversation. For instance if I am in the elevator with another person I say nothing. My eyes might make contact with theirs, but I do not try and strike up a small-talk conversation. That does not mean that I do not reply if I am spoken too. Well there was that one time when I could not hear the person. Even if I do speak to someone while in an elevator or on the train or bus, I do my best to kill the conversation. This is extremely easy to do. I just answer questions that are asked. I do not have to do anything more than that. I answer the question in agreement or in such a way as there is no way to go on with the conversation and they do my best to break of contact with the person. Not that some people do not try to keep talking.

    Next let's talk about my being in a social situation. I only willingly put myself in a socialish situation so that I can buy groceries or go to the gym or go to a movie or stuff like that. At these particular instances when I am outside of my apartment I do not interact with people. I only leave when I have a particular goal in mind. This includes events where socializing is supposed to be part of the event. I attend events within the event and do my best to not bother anyone. I do not go out of my way to strike up a conversation with anyone. Even better since I am a stereotype everyone thinks I am gross and no one bothers me.

    Which brings me to my next point, body language. When I am in a social situation I do my best to make my appearance not welcoming or desirable. This involves constantly scowling, wearing crappy cloths, hunching over and overall bad grooming. I do my best to look pissed off at existence so people will not want to bother me. It works wonders you know. People might want to brighten a sad person's day up but an angry person should just be left alone. Plus to reiterate again, I do not speak unless spoken too. There is no reason to speak unless spoken too.

    In the extremely rare event that a person engages with me I do not think it is anything other than them being awkward in silence. Over the course of my life whenever someone has observed an interaction people ask me why I did not get a phone number or something. It is because I do not think anyone is interested in me. I assume that if I am approached that people are trying to scam me for free stuff. As such I just flat out reject the asshole and move on with my life. I do not even entertain the idea that person might have though I could be a new friend. I shut down any interaction like that whether it be at the gym, in a social situation or at work. If I am running errands or working I am just being professional after all no need to look further into it.

    Anyway, I wonder who can say that there is no reason for me to use the word "never" when describing finding friends or romantic partners? I mean really look at this life. I mean even a highly attractive female, or I guess male, would remain alone with a regiment like this and I am a fat ugly piece of shit. So why do people insist that I am just being hyperbolic when I say "never"
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    I believe based on your description of actions which are all personal choice that you may be correct you will never meet a special somebody. It is however 100% because you apparently choose not to , in which case you are successful at you life goal and I am unsure what the issue is. Clearly if you have no desire to meet anyone and and then follow a regimen designed to ensure you will not then you will not. I am unsure why you continually bring up the topic - you are a misogynist as have readily admitted many times - so no- I absolutely believe that you will never find the right person as you make it very clear you have no interest in finding one. The real question is if you are so content with this situation why the topic keeps coming up?
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    The problem is the family. Right now I am the only child in my immediate family, cousins included, who is single and had not recently been released from prison. All the rest of them are married, planning a wedding or spawning. So naturally all eyes fall to the person who has never shown any interest in romance. The questions come out and I get annoyed and feel the need to crush this idea that I will in fact one day go out and find someone with the sad reality. Yet some how no matter how much evidence I provide to the family they choose to think I am just some little kid saying that he will hold his breath until he dies.
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    Hello forgotten_man,
    if that's your very close friend rolling their eyes, so he might think that you are capable enough to get the girl.
    maybe your friend thought that you can get a chance from your ability (beside your bad apperance), you have something that might attract the girl.