I am not loved and i am going...

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by White Dove, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. White Dove

    White Dove Well-Known Member

    I am so not loved and am so much going to go and i freeking mean it....

    now what got me upset right now???

    well this past thanksgiving i had managed to get a paycheck from one of those surveys that i do online that i had forgotten about, so i then went and got a turkey ( it was a small turkey but at least it was something for thanksgiving ) well my brother who lives right next door to me did not have any money nor anything to have for thanksgiving, so i shared with him because i dont like seeing anyone go hungry.. well the other day someone had signed him up on a basket and he went and picked it up and they had given him a free turkey, really big one.. well just a little while ago they cooked this tuirkey and eat their christmas early.. they called for dad to come next door and eat but did not invite me to come over and eat anything.. i dont have anything in here to eat but a few potatoes and about 4 cans of food, so i thought well maybe they will come over and get me.. what a fucking fat chance that was.. then just a few minutes ago my niece was taking the left over turkey to give to the dogs.. god damn it i could have eaten it.. but no.. its not like it was bones.. i am talking turkey, pure white meat.. they give it to the freeking dogs.. they gave daddy some but not me.. and then everyone tells me i am loved?????

    god damn it i aint fucking loved at all.. i cared enough to share with them what i had, what little i had but they dont care enough to share with me...??? i cant even type straight because i am crying so dang much... my niece come over here to borrow some bleach so i asked her what she gave to the dogs and she said some turkey they had left over, said they ate their thanksgiving dinner early.. i asked her well you didnt come and ask me if i wanted any , she just said well we dont have any for you.. i then askled her where dad is at and she said eating.. he is over there eating but i have none...

    god damn it.. i told you and i have told everyone else my family dont give a damn about me.. they dont give a fucking damn about me.. so i amn gone , and i mean it i am seriously going.. i have had it.. they dont want me around so i am not going to be around..

    no one gives a fuck about me.. no one... no one does.. its so unfair.. i am good to them.. i am good to everybody but get treated like shit and i have had enough of it.. i am really fucking going.. really going...
  2. Rand

    Rand Active Member

    i want u to reply to this.

    sounds like they're being horrible to u. are they always like that? if so then they're not worth u.

    listen, even though i want to leave this life too, i never let anyone treat me ill. and if they have, they'll know about it. have u said anything to them? if i was told off for doing something like that, i'd be really ashamed of myself.

    problems dont get solved unless ppl know theres a problem to begin with. bloody say something!! kick up hell! why the fuck not? gets it off your chest, and they deserve a row by the sounds of it.

    i can see this was a trigger, so i want u to reply so that we know you're still here.
  3. RySp123

    RySp123 Guest

    Susan, Ran is right in what he says. People are mindless and unless put the - on the T they dont get it..... time for you to get off your chest the rospo hun..... spit it out on who needs it...... at least you can allow yourself this gooddeed no?
  4. MrA

    MrA Active Member

    Susan? Today, this evening, I've hurried up home because me and my family wanted to finish the christmas tree.. I step inside, and look.. they did it all theirself and not a word to me..

    People can be ignorant, even your own family. Please, don't leave me now,
    sweety :tongue:
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