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I am NOT over this..

Discussion in 'Rape and Abuse' started by Passion, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Passion

    Passion Well-Known Member

    I'm expected to be over my ex bf raping me,
    i'm expected to be fine.
    i'm expected to be okay with the abuse i had to endure in my childhood.
    its over now, so im expected to be over it.
    well you know what??
    and I cant take this.
    I need someone to talk to.
    I need something to help me.
    I hate that there has been no justice.
    My dad lives in hawaii in a beautiful home with his new wife...nothing bad happened to him.
    my abusive exes are all happy with life.
    the other two people that raped me besides my one ex are fine.
    nothing has happened to them.
    and the last time I was raped, by my ex,
    hes happy now.
    why is there no justice?
    I know why, because I was too fucking stupid to report anything.
    except in the case of my dad, I did report that shit.
    but nothing happened, hes very good at talking himself out of shit.
    I hate this.
    I hate everything.
    and im not over this at all...

    My new bf's sister is really good friends with my ex that raped me...
    what a small world we seem to live in...
    and my bf told her what he did to me.
    and she said "thats weird, hes a nice guy, ive known him for a really long time."
    hes not a nice guy!
    why does everyone think he is?
    whhy do I feel so crazy?
    why cant I just get over this?
    why do I get flashbacks of it?
    why? WHY? WHY!?!
  2. DrownedGirl

    DrownedGirl Well-Known Member

    Yeah..you just can`t "just get over it" ..i know how it is. You wanna kill the memories inside but they just don`t wonna die.
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