I am not ready for a therapist. Help

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    Hi, I am a new member here..

    I think I need a therapist but I'm not prepared for it. I'm really scared. Yes, I am a coward. To take the first step to that world is a big thing for me. I'm worried if I was diagnose with a terrible problem and the therapist would give me so many medications that might not help me very much. To tell the truth I'm scared if taking those medications and advices from people I don't know would make matter even worse. I'm afraid I would lie to the therapist face to face without telling the truth because I have a history of not trusting people very fast or they'll stab me in the back. I have a problem of not trusting people that easily. I know they are professionals but somehow I can't do that in person.

    Thank you in advanced if kindly replied to this post. I'd like to know how'd you all do it..

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    Wow, I understand what you mean. First remember you have suffered in life like any human being. The hurt you have experienced is no different to any others on this forum and in life.

    You must not blame yourself for the.mental or physical abuse you have suffered from relatives. The amount of money or presents does not make up the hurt you have felt over the years.

    Im no specialist but if you see a therapist and explain what's happened it will ease and share the heavy burden your carry. It's ok to cry if you are reading this, think someone somewhere on this suffers you pain. That should bring so comfort but you need to stay strong. Anything you say will have to be kept in the strictest confidence. Doctor patient privilege.

    Medication will help but that's down to you taking the first step to move forward with your life. Also being nice to yourself will help. Remember everyday is a.new life experience. I feel your pain so be strong. Take comfort from these words and be strong.

    Do not act on any feelings and be safe. I hope you are shedding tears now as it will ease the pain your feel. Remember your are shedding tears of hurt. Be kind to yourself..... :,,,,,,)

    PM me.anytime you want to talk. Take care...... X
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    Thank you for kind words.
    I'm sorry, but I felt like how strong can I be? Should I be? I felt no strength at all in me. My body is like crashing now, I just got out of the bathroom and I cried waterfall tears. How many times do I have to cry? I have no strength to make any actions now. Tell me what to do to feel good about life again. I'm sorry, it's a very addictive feeling and I don't know how much longer I can hold on to this life.
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    Hi kirami, you can get through this. Therapists know their clients may have a trust issue, they have a way of gaining your trust respectfully and by getting to know you. I had a superb therapist and i am now living depression free. I urge you to go even if your instincts tell you not to. You will never know if you do not try and you are NOT a coward.
    Hugs to you :)
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    Like Petal says you are NOT A COWARD. You are suffering great anguish and that's not.strange. It's ok to cry nothing to.be a shamed of.

    You are important and with us we can get you through this tough time. Long term you need to see a therapist. Honestly there is nothing to be ashamed off. You need to think like this people all over world, whatever background and culture breakdown. It's a natural process of mankind. You are.no different to anyone else.

    I know it's hard to trust someone.face to face. I am suffering and do like no one else to suffer. I know you are hurting and it's ok. Please don't worry now, we will give you all the support you need.

    Honestly, you main priority is getting through today and we will help you. Focus on doing something you enjoy and try to.relax. I know.it's hard but be brave.

    You joined an understanding community as we understand you plight. You will be ok. Do not worry know. Keep posting here please as it will help you.
  6. Butterfly

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    Hiya Kirami,

    Firstly, a therapist cannot diagnose or prescribe any medication. That has to be done by a psychiatrist. Seeing a therapist for the first few times can be scary, bearing your soul in front of anybody is a scary prospect for anybody, especially when you have been hiding things for so long. But you have to remember that they are there to help you in your road to recovery, they are not the enemy. The best way to utilise your therapist to their full potential is to be honest and truthful with them, if you lie, then they cannot help you as they can only go by what you tell them, and that is counter productive.
  7. DrownedFishOnFire

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    A Therapist can be your best advocate, someone cheering you on through your hard times when no one else did, a neutral person that doesn't judge you for who you are. I was scared to see a Therapist atfer so many years of seeing one in school. Now I've come long ways and do now appericate and look forward to the sessions.

    Breaking the ice is daunting and scary but someone has to start somewhere

    Btw butterfly's right T's don't Rx Meds, only doc or psycharist
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    I know that feeling Kirami. I was through on that for a long time now, I'm an alcoholic. I don't miss any party that I was invited to, drinking alcohol has become a habit to me since the age of 15. I always put myself into trouble every time I was under the influence of alcohol. My parents don’t know what to do for me to stop drinking, until one of their close friends suggest that I should attend some AA meetings in a rehab center. So I'm embarked in a quest to find some good and quality treatment program. This is Drug Rehabilitation Center Killeen is my first choice. Well, at first I don’t want to go, since I really don’t want to stop my drinking habit, but after seeing my mom crying, begging me to attend AA meetings, I just suddenly feel guilty and my heart tearing apart seeing my mom crying. Thank God, I recover and begin living my new life, I’ve been sober for a year already. My only advice to you is to look for some rehab center and ask for some advice, trust me attending some AA meetings really help. Don’t be afraid, they will help you to get out of this. Just always remember that God is always with us.

    “If you don't know what you're doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help. You'll get his help, and won't be condescended to when you ask for it.” - James 1:5