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  1. Atheist Demon

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    I feel like my life was made to be tortured and destroyed, I found no happiness, and if I cease to exist, the world would be better, that is what EVERYONE wants me to do, to END it. I am waiting until after I see Obama become president, for I can see a fellow African-American live his dream. And for I will know the last thing I saw was a black president. So if yall want to delete my account, I won't mind. Cause I WILL MAKE SURE I DIE!!!!

  2. Sadeyes

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    I will be going to DC on Monday the 19th and staying until the 21st...probably will be a million ppl away from the inaug, but wanted to be in town as I agree, it is truly one of the best things done during my life time...anyone who WANTS you to end it, as you said, are not ppl to give credence to...maybe what should be ended is your association with ppl who do not provide support and caring...and no, the world would not be better without you! big hugs, J
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    Hi Bry,

    I have a problem with my life on Earth too. There's too much to handle properly, too much problems. I guess it's how we think too, maybe we can change how we think, but that won't change the situation, only our reactions to things. I believe there's always a reason for everything.. and the reason is good. There's a bigger scheme of reality where everything is fine the way it is.

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