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I Am Officially Afraid of Everything

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I recently have become afraid to use my computer. It wasnt working right a few weeks back, and I thought it had a virus. I took it to get it fixed and its working fine now and they told me it has no virus. But now, Im scared it is still not working properly and every time I get on the internet, I fear identity theft or something else terrible is going to happen.
I know its ridiculous considering that my computer was fixed, and since then Ive had it looked at again, and was assured everything is fine and it was working properly, and I have scanned it myself and everything comes up as fine.
Ugh.....Im so tired of being scared of things. Ive started going back to the doctor everything something feels a little strange or doesnt look right or even if there is a spot on my skin that is something as simple as a pimple...I feel ridiculous, because the day I go to the docotor (mind you before I cry nonstop and get so depressed I lay on the floor and cant even find the energy to cry) on the way to the appointment, I start feeling better and not so afraid, so by the time im in the doctors office and she is checking out my problem, i just feel stupid...
Im going to start going to councilling next month. Its just the campus councillor, but it is better than nothing I guess...I just want this anxiety to go away and to be able to go through one day without thinking something terrible is going to happen or that I am going to die.
Wish me luck everyone!
And if anyone has any advice or a similar experience, please share.


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I know how this is! I really do.. paranoia sucks. The future seems inevitable and it's not set in stone so worrying which way it will go seems only too fair.
I hope that recieving counselling will help you to shed some light on your situation and reduce your anxiety levels so that you can focus on better days.
Thinking of you.



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Maybe this is generalized anxiety disorder- I have it. I spend more time being a worrying wreck and imagining worse case scenarios than having calm, rational thoughts. A depressive episode will almost always worsen generalized anxiety. If you haven't already tried an SSRI that would probably be the first class of medication a psychiatrist would try with you. A pdoc may suggest the benzodiazepine class but I've been doing my best to avoid them because of the side effects I have personally had.

I looked up some videos on YouTube from anxiety sufferers and most had some useful advice on challenging anxiety producing thoughts. Good luck.
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