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i am overwhelmed and alone but why are the suicidal feelings still so strong?trig

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i think a lot of the people around me feel overwhelmed by my sitatuion at present especially those who know the most.

Thing is even the people im closest too dont know the true extent of things and i couldnt telll them,couldnt put them through that especially when im still struggling so much to accept help.

But now this seems to overwhelming ot everyone around me including professionals.

Everyhting seems too overwhelming and i dont blame them for feeling that way.i dont blame them one bit.

In fact i understand.But i overwhelm myself too.i am overwhelmed by my sitatuion

i am overwhelmed and alone but why are the suicidal feelings still so strong?


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Well, don't the suicidal feelings only get stronger when you feel overwhelmed and alone? Everyone around me doesn't know anything about what makes me depressed and think about suicidal, I just can't bring myself to tell anyone, anyone at ALL exactly what makes me depressed because I feel ashamed, because I am too messed up and it doesn't matter.

But yeah I can understand your situation, I really do feel that you need to go and tell someone in person about your thoughts and feelings but I also know how extremely hard it can be to especially tell them to your family and friends. Many of our loved ones have no idea how to cope with people suffering from these feelings like you and I are feeling, many of our loved ones are still ignorant and scared.

Is there perhaps a priest or someone like that you can go to?
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