I am pathetic

Discussion in 'Family, Friends and Relationships' started by normaljoe, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. normaljoe

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    Why do I let so many people have this much control over me. I am heartbroken so easily. I fall so quickly and I never catch myself. I must enjoy it. why else would I keep going? I am done, I get the hint, I am going to be single for a while. Everyone else can get married, find love and some one to spend time with, what do I get? rejection and depression. really just fuck this life. I tried, I gave it a great shot. 23 f#cking years. not bad. If I can't find someone who can appreciate me or spend time with then whats the point of living a life alone. no matter how close i get to people anyway i still feel alone. its cold. chilling.
  2. Witty_Sarcasm

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    You aren't pathetic or anything, I always get hurt by people too. Maybe it's the other people who are pathetic for treating you the way they do.
  3. paulhewson

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    Keep things in perspective. You're only 23 years old.
  4. Petal

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    I agree-you are only 23, plenty of time to find the right person, to bond with someone..to wait for that someone special to come along :) In the mean time focus on other things, I believe it will just come along naturally when it's time. :)
  5. CJKitti_85

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    No. You're not pathetic. You just haven't found the right people or person. It seems none of them could actually appreciate you for who you are. And I understand heartbreak and rejection--even isolation--really painful. Lots of doubt, anger, frustration... seems like nothing can help. But, give it time. :3
  6. Ume94

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    Hi-5. The way you describe yourself sounds like me. Falling too hard and letting people control you hurts. It really does. I know words of "advice" won't help much, but takecare. *Hug*
  7. SashaRenee

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    Sometimes a romantic relationship isn't what we really need... It's simply a friend who will listen to you and be there for you.
    I can be there for you, and talk to you if you like.

    We have to be there for each other. If the rejected begin to reject each other... The world has truly gone to shit.