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    Okay, so this one friend I have decides that AFTER:

    - I've been there for him for 5 years, trying my hardest to fight his depression with him and get him into some form of social circle
    - He's made countless horrible comments towards me, like laughing at how funny it would be if I had a miscarriage when I was pregnant (I did) then laughing about how 'funny' it would be if I still had only an arm left inside me when I went for my ultrasound - and I FORGAVE HIM
    - He genuinely didn't give a fuck all the way through my miscarriage and the aftermath of it - he admitted this - I forgave him
    - I supported him through the rough patch of him coming off his antidepressants that were making him crazy and unstable as fuck

    He is going to cut me out of his life because I've been smoking weed. WAHEY glad I invested so much time and energy into this kid. He's deleted me and Matt93 (who is also doing the same) off of Facebook, is avoiding us in college, basically he has cut himself out of our lives. Now, this is all very well, he can do what the fuck he wants, but what annoys me most, is that he is still on here, READING MY EVERY POST.

    I never liked the fact that he was on here. Matt told him about it in order to let him read his posts, before I'd told him I kind of wanted the place to remain like a private sphere for me. I can't post any of my private stuff without him reading it. He read my heartbreak about my miscarriage when he just plain didn't give a fuck. Now he's supposedly cut me out of my life and he is still on here reading mine and Matt's posts - privacy, gone. The kick in the teeth is also that he doesn't even POST. The ONLY reason he comes on here is to spy on me and Matt, to read our secrets even when he wants nothing to do with us. I am infuriated.

    K x
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    Motion, seconded.