I am really upset emotionally and physically regarding my college situation

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    I am really freaking out here. It's because of my college. I go to The Art Institute of Denver in Colorado. And I have this teacher that I don't like. And it feels like he doesn't like me either. I took two of his classes. And I failed them both. And usually you would think maybe you wouldn't take it with the same teacher. But this school is small and such they don't hire other teachers for the same class because I guess its hard to find others to teach them. Which I understand that. But im in a serious situation because I got on academic probation last quarter (my school goes by quarters). And I have to take this one class I failed, over, with the teacher and its really hard and I don't understand him. He seems to get frustrated with me when I ask questions. Then when I don't he gets mad at me as well. He failed me because he helped me (he told me this in an email) as I was just trying to go to his office hours one for like 5 or 6 weeks every Friday until the class ended for one on one help. I couldn't do this on my own and he seemed to hate helping me. And I can't deal with teachers getting mad at me. The second time I took a class with him he failed me. I asked for help when I needed it and I felt like I had improved. I feel like I lost all hope. I feel like its impossible getting through any of his classes. I'm getting frustrated with him because financially its like throwing money down the drain and I have no choice because this class is for my major. I try to talk to my Department director for my major and I told her that I was worried about the class and all she could say was "just ask him" and it feels like she doesn't want to help me. And it feels like no one at my school really cares about me and its making me emotionally unstable. I work as hard as I can. And when I call others in the school and talk to them about the situation they just tell me to talk to the department director but she is impossible to get a hold of. But I noticed she seems to help others but not me. I feel like the department director and the teacher are like against me or something. He told me in one class something about its not about making him happy and telling me that I wasn't proactive enough because I turned in the final project with glitches(my final project was something I had to do on the computer). He got mad at me for not asking for help. But I got confused because he seems to get mad when I ask him for help. I was sitting there wanting to ball my eyes out when he was lecturing me about that. PLEASE ANYONE IF YOU CAN HELP ME WITH GIVING ME ADVICE AND SUPPORT THAT WOULD BE GREAT BECAUSE IM ON THE VERGE OF HAVING A BREAK DOWN THIS TEACHER IS DRIVING ME INSANE!!! I HAVE HAD SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AS WELL BUT I HAVEN'T PHYSICALLY DONE ANY HARM TO MY SELF EVER.
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    I would print out the email where he told you he failed you because you asked him for help and take it to your program director. Your director probably just thinks that he's a hard marker who's trying his hardest. If you bring the director proof that your prof is failing you for non-academic reasons, I think the school would HAVE to give you your money back for the course/give you credit for it (or something to resolve the situation).