I am restless and I want to end my existence

Discussion in 'Midnight Owl' started by Youth, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. Youth

    Youth Active Member

    As much as I know I wont do it the urge has become rather strong tonight. I want to end myself peacefully. There is no reason for me to think this. I have so much to live for, but it all kind of doesnt do anything for me. I wish someone would respond to this soon, but it is like 3am.
    I am also restless. Existence is so strung-out. I feel old and I'm in my twenties. I feel like I've been around as long as Moses was, poor Moses. At least he had a strong belief in his Heaven I guess. This is a stupid existence. I dont want to be here. Someone hit me with a car... or a truck... or just drop a piano on me and squash me dead.
  2. paulalynn381

    paulalynn381 New Member

    i understand i feel this way too
  3. Babyboy09

    Babyboy09 Member

    I feel the same at times too and start thinking if people would mourn me or how long ill b remembered. Heard everyone is here in this world for a reason tho we might not know for what or the way we effect other peoples lives just know your mission isn't over yet you still have someone to help.
  4. am_k77

    am_k77 New Member

    really...i would also like to end my life...day by day.am ruining myself...just need a peaceful death...nohing ellse...

    i am satisfied with my life...but dont want to contine...jus wanna long sleep
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